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Our deli produce

Our Deli Counter

On our deli counterwe have the best products we can find from all over the UK. Our aim is to provide local produce where possible but when it’s not, we track down the best produce we can .Our produce has to taste great and also look great. Amongst the goodies we have Welsh Charcuterie from Trealy Farm, Smoked Chicken from Black Mountains Smokery, amazing tasting olives from Olives Et Al, a vast array of Welsh cheeses from the ultra local Caerfai Cheddar and Caerffilli to Snowdonia’s renowned waxed delights,  Handmade Pork Pies, Handmade Scotch eggs and many other goodies that really make you realise what good food should taste like.

Our generously filled baguettes and sandwiches are our pride and joy and each and every one is made to order. Our salads, coleslaw, tuna, egg mayo, houmous and “Specials” are made freshly daily. Our Extra Specials are just that as we use the finest ingredients such as Free Range Home Cured Welsh Salt Beef, Black Mountain Smoked Chicken, Smoked Salmon(ethically farmed) , our home cooked Welsh Ham and during the year we have such delights as locally caught Solva Crab. There’s nothing nicer than biting into a freshly baked baguette that is bursting with flavour from really great ingredients. We also have a large range of other sandwich fillings from Coronation Chicken to local ham and Welsh Cheddar. There’s something for everyone. We also have some delicious vegetarian options.

Baguettes & Sandwiches to take away

Fresh Baguettes & Sandwiches

Our generously filled baguettes and sandwiches are our pride and joy and each and every one is made to order. Our staff are there to make up your baguette or your sandwich to your specification. They are made in front of you for a much fresher experience than pre prepared ones. You can really taste the difference and we are rightly proud of them from fresh local Pembrokeshire ham right through to award winning Smoked Duck from the Black Mountain Smokery. Drop in and take in the mouth watering menu. You won't find better.

Welsh Charcuterie

We specialise in promoting Pembrokeshire Produce but we also promote many other Welsh producers from smoked chicken from the excellent Black Mountains Smokery to top notch charcuterie from the award winning Trealy Farm, which includes a selection of salamis a selection of wonderful tasting pancetta, nduja, black pudding and their own beautifully smoked bacon. A joy to taste.

Welsh Cheese

Artisan Welsh Cheeses

We have a huge selection of Welsh cheeses from the ultra local Caerfai Cheddar and Caerffilli to Snowdonia’s renowned waxed delights such as the Black Bomber and green Thunder. We have lots of others from Pembrokeshire's Pant Mawr to Carmarthenshire's Teifi Cheeses and Caws Cenarth. Our deli assistants can talk you through our selection and give you tasters so you know exactly what you're buying. We cut to order and no piece is too small. We wrap our cheese in special wax paper designed to keep your cheese fresh when you get it home.

Fruit & Veg

We passionately believe that the best fruit and vegetables are produced organically. Better for you and the planet. Our fruit and veg is sourced mainly from Lampeter and has always been of high quality and seasonal. Of course taste is key to any food and we believe we get the tastiest fruit and veg from all over Wales and beyond from dedicated farmers and producers that care over and above to make their produce free from pesticide use and working with the environment and not against nature.

Watch out for the Soil Association Logo that certifies Organic produce. If it doesn’t have it, it isn’t Organic.


We try and source our fruit & veg as locally as possible. If we can get Wales/UK apples we do but of course they are not always in season so we then have to use imported ones. We do not get, for example, strawberries or asparagus out of season and from abroad as we believe they do not taste as good. Why not be patient and wait for the new season to get the very best?


Remember when a tomato tasted of tomato? Well, from March to November we are lucky to source tomatoes from the Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight. These are the best tomatoes we have ever tasted bar none. They are mostly on the vine and we usually have the cherry toms and the large vine tomatoes in stock but during the summer we also have the Heirloom varieties and mini plum varieties. Nothing better matched with our organic local salad and why not get some of our homemade coleslaw or organic houmous.


Fruit should not only taste good but you should feel confident that when you bite into your apple, zest your lemon or peel your banana that it is not covered a large amounts of pesticides and herbicides. All our organic fruit and veg oozes flavour and, once tasted, never forgotten.
Most of our fruit and veg is not wrapped in plastic bags and you can take as much or as little as you need to avoid waste.



We have a large selection of tinned and dried pulses, some organic some not. A pulse is an edible seed that grows in a pod. They are high in fibre, minerals and a good source of protein. They consist of lentils, kidney beans, butter beans, split peas, chick peas etc


Grains are also a good source of fibre and include, to name just a few, wheat, wholegrain rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, rolled oats, millet and rye.
We have these as stand alone products but we also stock many grain products such as organic pasta, cereals, oatmeal etc

Dried Fruit Nuts and Seeds

An array of dried fruits, nuts and seeds provide excellent opportunity for cooking or just having them as an alternative to sweets!

Wines & Beers

Our beers all come from local breweries. We stock Mantle, Tenby Brewing Company, Bluestone and St Davids Old Farmhouse Brewery each brand has a range of ales from the dark to the lighter side. Bluestone and Mantle even have a lager. All the breweries are rightly proud of their beers they produce and we have to agree with them as we believe they are wonderfully tasting too. We also have most of them in gift packs. We also stock a wide range of ciders and perrys such as Gwynt y Ddraig and Pembrokeshire’s Gethins Cyder.

We stock a wide range of wines from all over the world plus a few of Welsh ones too; Glyndwr, LLaethliw and Pembrokeshire’s own Velfrey Vineyard. Our wine is selected carefully so that we are confident that what we sell is really going to please. So if it’s a sparkling Prosecco or a full blooded red do come and peruse our extensive range. We have wines to suit every pocket. Our spirit range is also extensive and we do sell some locally produced gin called Cinnamon Grove distilled in Pembrokeshire. Da Mhile gin has been on our shelves for 10 years and is still one of our best sellers especially the Seaweed one. They are also Organic.

We stock a large selection of Penderyn spirits too such as their superb whisky and Brecon gin and Five Vodka.  Do look out for other specialities too such as our Mead range from the New Quay Honey Farm. (The Heather Mead has been awarded The Golden Fork Award for Wales 2019) Celteg also supply us with a great array of wines and spirits. Come down and check it all out.

ST Davids Old Farmhouse Brewery

Welsh Craft Breweries

All the breweries are rightly proud of their beers they produce and we have to agree with them as we believe they are wonderfully tasting too. We always taste our beers before stocking them and if they're not up to scratch we don't have them in! Simple. Our beers come from Mantle Brewery, Tenby Brewery Co, Bluestone Brewery and St Davids Old Farmhouse Brewery.

Fine Wine

Our wine section provides you with a huge variety of great quality wines from a humble Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile to high end wines from all over the world. We also stock many Organic, Fairtrade and Vegan wines as this fits with our whole business ethos. It is really important to us that we stock great quality wines and we are always striving to find new ones as well as providing the old favourites. Whether it's a Premier Cru Chablis or a Chilean Merlot we always go for great taste.

Cinnamon Grove Gin

Spirits, Sherries, Ports

Our spirit range is also extensive and we do sell some locally produced gin called Cinnamon Grove which uses their own well water to produce a cracking gin. It was the first gin distillery in Pembrokeshire. Da Mhile gin has a Seaweed variety which is one of biggest sellers as it tastes brilliant! We also stock an extensive range of Penderyn Whisky plus their Gin, Vodka and Merlyn. Sherries and Ports also feature in our range and include single vineyard (Quinta) varieties to the humble Fino with a Pedro Ximenez thrown in for good measure.

Hampers & Picnics

We are proud of our hamper service which marries flavour with service. Most of our hampers are bespoke and we work with you to make the best choice for the intended recipient. A lot of people love to include local produce and we have lots of lovely local food and drink that people love to receive. Hampers start at around £20 and we can provide large basket hampers too and everything in between.

There’s nothing nicer than taking a picnic for your day out in Pembrokeshire. What you really want is a picnic full of goodies to keep everyone happy and satiated the whole day. Come and talk to us about your needs and we can make up a picnic ready for you to collect the next day. What better than freshly made baguettes/sandwiches, lovely pasties, pies, sausage rolls, handmade scotch eggs and an array of wonderful drinks!

Selection of meats

We cook our own ham from high welfare Welsh gammon plus we have Trealy Farm Bacon, salamis and a variety of other charcuterie

Pasties and more

We have pasties galore and a whole host of other goodies to make your meal complete. The only problem you will have is deciding which to have! We also have the now nicknamed 'Paddington' sausage rolls as the have onion marmalade in them. Simply delicious. Our Sausage rolls are second to none.

Olives and other sundries

Our olives are the most delicious olives you can buy plus we have our own homemade houmous, our own coleslaw made fresh daily plus a whole variety of mouth watering delights to tempt your taste buds.


Ever since we took over the business in 2014 we have been heavily focused on how we can make our impact on the environment as little as possible. Initially this was to look at what we could do quickly to improve recycling and waste. We changed the way waste food was disposed of and got a food waste bin from the Council. We also started to recycle as much of the packaging as we could which had previously been going to landfill. At the present time (2019) we recycle most of our plastic (through a locally run recycling scheme), food waste is either recycled or given to charities such as Patch, metal and glass are all recycled and even our oil from our olives is deposited in the relevant oil bank in the local recycling centre.

Recently we replaced all our old fluorescent lighting with LED lighting which will save a huge amount of energy use in the shop.

Deli Pots etc

About four years ago we decided to convert all our plastic deli pots, coffee cups, soup cups, with vegetable starch made pots from company called Vegware. These pots cost more for us to but than traditional plastic pots but we are happy that these can be composted and will break down safely even if they do go to landfill. Our takeaway cutlery is also made from either wood or veg starch.

Refill tubs, sustainable products

We stock a range of refill tubs which can help cut down your bills but also stop the use of single use plastics. These products are "produced from sustainably sourced plant materials and is fully biodegradable. That's great news for the environment, and for delicate skin too. The value-for-money five litre containers are fully recyclable. Best of all, our entire Ecoleaf range is certified animal-cruelty free and carries the Vegan Society logo." We also have Fabric Conditioner, Hand Soap and Laundry Liquid in these sizes. Do ask if you want to purchase larger sizes (20 litre)

Organic Produce

We love to promote Organic produce from whole Chickens to tinned goods. The chickens come from Springfield Poultry Farm and taste sublime. If you think you have tasted chicken before then think again.
We also have Organic wine, spirits, bread and we only sell Organic milk and Fruit & Veg. We believe that Organic farming practices are better for the planet and ultimately better for you. It also tastes better!
We source our Organic products only from certified Organic producers. Always best to check.

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